HIV burden in Uganda is still classified as a high burden country with high number of persons living with HIV which has continued to increase. According to UNAIDS the number of people living with HIV is estimated at 1.5m and the adult HIV prevalence rate stands at 7.1%

Uganda’s HIV/AIDS epidemic is a development issue and security crisis globally and at country levels. Over the years, Uganda has won international accolades following reversal of HIV prevalence from as high as 30% in some sites. Uganda has sustained some impressive response to the HIV & AIDS epidemic grounded in a multi-sectoral approach coordinated by the Uganda AIDS Commission (UAC). However, HIV & AIDS continues to be a major socio-economic challenge and is among the leading causes of morbidity and mortality. The epidemic continues to be severe, mature, generalized and heterogeneous across the entire population.

OAFLA UG acts as a catalyst of multi-sectoral engagements for improved HIV/AIDS. We engage leadership at all levels (Political, religious, cultural and opinion leaders to fast track the national HIV/AIDS response and influence policy and decision making processes for improved service delivery in HIV/AIDS We work with UAC and Ministry of Health in building strategic partnerships and synergies at national, regional and international levels for sharing of best practices, learning and resource mobilization. we advocate for effective harmonization of the HIV/AIDS related activities of the various players within agreed policy and program parameters.